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GeekOut Cafe |3200 S Wadsworth Blvd CLakewoodCO80227 | (303) 736-2031

Board Game Shop in Lakewood, CO

We may sell awesome merchandise and award-winning board games at GeekOut Cafe, but there's so much more to us than that! Our founders, Emily and Ben, wanted to create a place where you can connect with geeks of all kinds. Every day new people come in and make connections at our board game shop in Lakewood, CO. As a local business, we want to connect deeply with our community. That's why we host regular events, such as D&D, board game tournaments, and canvas paint nights. And when you step in, Ben or Emily are always there, ready to help you have fun. We even offer online reservations so that there will always be a table waiting for you. Visit us today to get the fun started and support a passionate local business!

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  • Award-Winning Board Games
  • D&D Nights
  • Craft Nights
  • Italian Sodas & Iced Coffee
  • Find Friends, Find Enemies, Or Come In To Be Weird!
  • Loot Dungeons, Fight Wizards, & Make a Masterpiece (or a Disaster)

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